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The trigger for the world-wide economic collapse is prejudice and religious beliefs that were incorporated into regional and national law in most of the developed world in reaction to Muslim terrorism highlighted by the attack on 911.

The Muslim attack of 911 was the result of Arab frustration beginning in 1953 when Dwight D. Eisenhower overthrew the democratic government of Iran.

The underlying cause for the world-wide economic collapse is greed that caused most of the developed world to relax banking and investment regulations that allowed predatory practices to irresponsibly over-leverage the money lending industries. This rendered the economic system susceptible to damage resulting from population decline caused by the Real ID Act and Patriot Act that triggered reverse immigration by banning drivers licenses for immigrants. Police confiscation of vehicles from immigrants caused 10 million dwellings to become abandoned, thus collapsing the mortgage industry and automotive industry, followed by the construction industry, real estate industry, trucking industry, and so on.

The reason for the world-wide economic collapse is a delusional economic fantasy based on fiction written by Ayn Rand - a Soviet atheist educated under communism. This kind of reasoning involves confiscating money from schools to fight the war on drugs, which reduces education that forces more students to resort to drug sales as adults to make enough money to avoid homelessness.

Only national education reform focused on eliminating bias and comprehensive immigration reform can reduce these risks in the future.

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